Understanding "SEXY"

The idea seemed so simple. So basic...

But when I heard it for the first time, it was as if a light bulb above my head turned on, and immediately lit up to 1,000 watts!

When I finally understood its power, the only word I could come up with to describe it was…


You see, I’d been struggling in my business.

Getting prospects on the phone to offer them my services wasn’t a problem. The problem, was getting them to say YES to what I as selling.

After years of working to create a truly effective process to help people who were looking to make money online, I'd finally created the PERFECT system.

How can I say it was the "perfect" system?


Because I'd struggled for years myself as an online home-business entrepreneur. Cracking the code to making money on the internet took me 7 years, $40,000 and a bankruptcy.

The system I'd finally created solved all of the challenges I wish someone had solved for me back when I first started.

This was something I KNEW could truly help people.

But imagine...

Day after day, talking to people you KNEW could benefit from your service; only to have nine out of ten of them tell you "NO".

I felt like I was failing these people.

I felt like I was failing myself.

So, What Did I Do?

I reached out to a good friend of mine. A brilliant business strategist and personal development practitioner who I often went to for advice.

“Can I tell you a little secret that will get you twice as many people to say YES to your sales pitch?” He asked.

“Hell yeah!” I replied… “I like secrets. I like YES too.”

Little did I know just how many doors this little
secret would actually open.

“If you want to close more sales” he continued… “Don’t ask your prospects if they want to buy. Instead, give them a choice between 2 or 3 packages/offers. Do you want Option A (Basic Package) or Option B (Deluxe Package)?

That way, your prospect is deciding which package to choose – instead of, whether or not to choose the package.”

EUREKA! That makes so much sense.

But could it be that simple?

The short answer… YES.

A simple idea. One minor change in phrasing literally DOUBLED my results. Which meant I was helping twice as many people.

It was astonishing to realize that one little shift could create such a massive impact.

But What Made It SEXY?

Good ideas come a dime a dozen.

So why did this particular idea create such excitement and possibility that I had to create a whole new category to describe it?

What made this idea rise to the level of being labeled as “SEXY”?

Understanding the answer to that question, ladies and gentlemen, 
is where the magic begins.

You see…

I’d gone to my friend for sales advice.

And you could say that he did, in fact, give me advice on how to close more sales.

But if you peel back the layers, you’ll soon understand that that advice he gave me was a means to uncovering even more possibilities and more “yeses” in other areas of my life.

What made his advice so “sexy” was the IDEA BEHIND THE IDEA…

The strategy behind the solution…

Let’s break it down.

Problem: I’m not closing enough sales.

Idea/Solution: Ask people to choose between 2 different packages you offer.

The idea behind the idea: “If you want more people to say YES – You need to give them a choice between yeses rather that a choice between yes and no.”

THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what made the idea he gave me rise to the level of SEXY.

The solution he gave me (whether he meant to or not), wasn’t just a solution to my sales problem. It was a solution to getting people to say YES to me.

Think about it for a second…

Where else, and how else, might I want to get more YESES in life?

Well, as a single guy, one obvious answer is in my dating life.

So, when it came to applying this idea to my interactions with the fairer sex, the conversation shifted…

  • It wasn’t: “Do you want to go out, yes or no?”
  • It was: “Where are we going out on Friday, coffee or dinner?”
  • It wasn’t: “Are we going on a second date?”
  • It was: When are we doing this again, tomorrow or next weekend?”

The result…

I was getting more dates (and more second dates).

Why? Because I’d uncovered a new paradigm I couldn’t see before.

You see, the simple “sales idea” my friend gave me, served not only as a solution to a current challenge – But it also...

  • Served as a means of uncovering even more possibilities for me to create life on my terms…
  • Gave me insight and truths about the world that expanded my self-image…
  • And even helped remove fear and give me confidence so that I could become a better version of myself.

THAT is what made this simple idea push past being a “good” or even an “awesome” idea… and rise to the level of SEXY!

THE MISSION - Should You Choose To Be A Part Of It

The truth of the matter is that “SEXY” ideas, actions, and solutions are plenty…

You just have to know how to uncover them. I am going to help you do just that.

That’s where our new partnership comes in.

I’ll share the SEXY Solutions I’ve discovered with you. -
You’ll take action on what you learn.

But my goal for you is multi-fold.

YES. I want to give you ACTIONABLE SOLUTIONS to the challenges you are facing in your dating life, in your business life, and in your personal growth endeavors so you can move to the next level.

But that is just the beginning.

The mission, should you choose to accept, is for you to understand the strategy behind the solution: THE IDEA BEHIND THE IDEA. So, you have more control over the life you want to create.

Because – And this is the really cool part

When you start to apply the strategies, the ideas behind the ideas, you begin to see things differently…

  • You uncover new possibilities that have been dormant inside of you.
  • You unlock new opportunities you never knew existed.
  • You wake up to the FACT that you are more than you ever hoped to be and YOU CAN create any life you want to live.

Do you see the POWER here?

One little idea you find in an article about how to get more tinder dates, once peeled back, can lead you to a discovery that could make you a millionaire... but only if you understand and apply the SEXY behind the idea to your business.

And that's what I need you to understand. 

​​The SEXY behind any idea is applicable to other areas of your life. Once you see the connections, that's when possibilities become unlocked.

The potential you see as your truest and best self, expands. You will catch a glimpse of your Authentic Self. The amazing you that has been covered up by layers of life lived by accident.

And That's The Thing...

Many of us are waiting to discover our purpose, our passion, our mission - so we can unleash ourselves onto the world and make a difference.

But that is Ass-Backwards.

These are not things you just find. These are things you have to LIVE into.

In other words, the secret is not just in understanding the SEXY behind the idea… but in actually APPLYING what you learned to your life.

ACTION is the quickest way to uncover purpose and set free your Best Self. That is why we are an action first community.

Now you understand – when I tell you to “Throw SEXY” on something, I’m telling you to understand (and more importantly IMPLEMENT) the IDEA BEHIND THE IDEA, so that you can impact any area of your life, uncover your true unlimited potential, and create the life you want to live.

So, Where Would You Like To Start?

As I told you before…

There are “SEXY” ideas and solutions to pretty much any area of your life.

These solutions, once implemented, serve as “life-hacks”; shortcuts to success.

And once you understand the idea behind each solution, you’ve got a master-key to unlock success in even more areas of your life.

So, where would you like to start?

The main areas I’ve been able to apply these ideas and action steps in my life are in the areas of Personal Growth, Dating, and Entrepreneurship.

I invite you to start with one of those.

But here’s my ONE request.

When you read or hear an idea… and that light bulb goes off… and you think, “Wow, I can totally see how this could work.”


Knowledge is NOT power.


And when you apply the knowledge you will gain a deeper understanding. You will start to see the idea behind the idea. You will be able to apply this understanding to other areas of your life and unlock all sorts of new possibilities & opportunities.


So, go ahead.

Check out the options below my picture and decide for yourself where you’d like to “Throw More SEXY” on your life!

I’ll see you on the inside.

To Your Success,

Devon Brown

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