More Powerful Than the Law of Attraction?

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Everyone is familiar with the law of attraction, especially if they’ve seen or read The Secret.

But there is another law that is far more effective than the Law of Attraction.

While the Law of Attraction undoubtedly holds value in visualizing what you want to achieve, feeling the feelings of already having it, and even taking inspired action... it is not nearly as actionable as the law I’m about to share with you.

And that law is...

The Law of Just Do Some Shit

That’s right, The Law of Just Do Some Shit.

I know, I know, it’s not as mystical sounding and alluring as The Secret or the Law of Attraction, but that’s the whole point.

The Law of Just Do Some Shit is all about rough edges and raw action.

As much as I wish I had coined the phrase "the Law of Just Do Some Shit", the credit is due elsewhere.

Here's what happened...

Not too long ago I was on a call with some people in one of the many mastermind groups I'm part of. If you're not familiar, a "Mastermind" is a group of people who are at a similar level regarding a particular topic (in my case internet entrepreneurship), who get together for the purpose of sharing ideas and helping each other with challenges. 

While on the call, one of the members shared the A to Z formula he uses to close high-ticket sales when doing webinars; a webinar is just an online sales presentation.

Three days later, one of the other members who was on that call with us, posted in our private mastermind Facebook group that he'd pocketed $2,000 using what he learned from our mastermind call just a few days earlier.

Impressed, the members of our private group asked him how he was able to apply all of those things we'd all learned just 72 hours prior. His simple answer was he didn’t.

The Law of Just Do Some Shit:

Get something done, even if it's not done perfectly.

Out of A-Z things we’d learned, he’d only applied A-E. And to his own admission, he didn’t even do a very good job at those few tasks. Yet he still made $2,000 that he wouldn’t have made otherwise.

At that point, my buddy John Lawson chimed into the conversation. For those who don’t know, John Lawson is an internet entrepreneur, a big e-commerce guy. John jumped in and phrased the action our fellow group member took, in a way I wish I'd thought of …

He said, “Well damn homie, I guess if you're taking action like that you're applying the Law of Just Get Some Shit Done.” The phrase so perfectly hit the nail on the head, that I told John I was gonna "borrow" it.

Ever since then, I've been using it, tweaking it to Just Do Some Shit!

Perfection is the Enemy of Done

writer pulling her hair surrounded by crumpled papers

There’s a similar concept that’s very popular in the writing community: Perfection is the Enemy of Done.

It’s often told to authors who are endlessly editing their books. It’s a warning that if they keep striving for perfection, their book will never be finished. No reader will ever get to enjoy their story.

That is the same lesson here.

If you’re so worried about completing A-Z and worried about making it perfect before presenting it to your audience, you’re making a mistake! You’re missing an opportunity. You’re losing time. And you’re not making money.

Something is better than nothing!

It is better for you to send out a mediocre newsletter than think about the perfect newsletter. It is better for you to launch an okay ad than to keep redesigning the perfect ad.

More often than not, it is better to Just Do Some Shit, and then tweak/edit/change as you go.

You have to put yourself out there, your product out there, your service out there if you want to succeed. You have to stop planning at some point and start doing.

Imperfect Implementation

The reason that group member made an extra $2,000 is that he implemented what he had learned. He didn’t waste a minute. He started applying whatever he could to the best of his current ability as soon as our mastermind call was over.

That’s what I call imperfect implementation.

His imperfect implementation earned him $2,000, but it actually earned him a lot more than that. It earned him experience.

In just a couple of days, he knew more than the rest of us who attended the mastermind meeting and learned the same information. Because he now had experience behind him. He knew how to do A-E, while the rest of us were still mulling over A-Z.

Now imagine this group member and I worked in the exact same niche and sold the exact same product. Who would have the advantage? Who would likely make more money? The guy who imperfectly implemented what he learned or the guy still mulling over the lessons, waiting on things to be perfect, and trying to "attract" everything he thinks he needs?

Well, in the long run, it’s possible that we’d make the same amount of money or even possible that I could make more… but when? When does the long run outweigh the short run?

There is a tipping point. There is a point where you gotta stop thinking and start doing. And that point is ASAP. That point is now, even.

You can always do something right now if you’d just get out of your own way. If you would just stop worrying about perfection. If you would Just Do Some Shit.

Just Do Some Shit List

Now, we’ve all heard of a Shit List, but I want you to make a different kind of Shit list.

I want you to take your To-Do List and scratch out the title. Scratch out the tiny, weak words “To Do” and replace them with “Just Do Some Shit.”

Now go through the items on your list. See if you can change any of the items to implementation.

For instance, if an item on your To Do list says...

  • Research landing page

Move it to your Just Do Some Shit List as...

  • Make a Landing Page

Then, take what you already know or do sufficient research on landing pages… and then make a landing page!

Like most things these days, you don’t have to know everything about landing pages to be able to create an awesome landing page. You could spend 5 minutes online to learn that ClickFunnels provides tried-and-true landing page templates you can customize. So, get your butt on ClickFunnels and make a landing page.

You can always improve your landing page as you learn more. But in the meantime, it could still be working for you, capturing leads and building your email list. Sure, it may not capture as many leads as it could, but some are better than nothing, right?

No matter what, you will be one step closer on your journey to success because you actually took a step! You can check off “make a landing page” and move onto “optimize landing page.” Before you know it, you will have an optimized, money-making landing page that you would’ve otherwise just been thinking about.

That is the power of the Law of Just Do Some Shit. You don't have to "feel" or "attract" anything. As a matter of fact, your feelings are almost irrelevant. All you have to do is some shit.

The ONE Area I Can Really Help You "Just Do Some Shit"...

If there's ONE area were I can help you "Just Do Some Shit", it's in the area of leveling up your public speaking skills.

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