(“Duh-von” not “Dev-in”)

I create content for people who want to be Awesome On Stage, and organizations who want to put on amazing events!

I went from being a skinny kid who hated his voice, to the World's #1 Event Emcee and a leading public speaking confidence expert.

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  I Only Started Being HONEST About My Purpose AFTER 40 Years Old 

Have you ever been called to do something, but ignored it? It was so evident to everyone around you, but for whatever reason, you just refused to live into it?

Yup! That was me until 2023 at the age of 44.

For more than 15 years I had my friends and colleagues constantly tell me things like: “Devon, when's your course on emceeing coming out?” or…  “Devon, can you show me how to engage with audiences & be more confident on stage?” or… “Devon, if you don't market yourself, and you're booked a year in advance, that’s God/The Universe telling you something.”

After almost 20 years of being super thick-headed, I've finally decided to FULLY lean into this world of hosting, stage confidence, and public speaking.


I’ve Been On Stage More Than 7,500 Times

The year was 1991. I was 12 years old hanging out at the roller-skating rink. 

I couldn’t roller skate to save my life so I took off my skates and went to hang out in the corner. A few minutes later, MC Hammer’s “U Can't Touch This” came on.

I’d never been much of a dancer, but that day it was as if a switch flipped. For whatever reason I could do all of Hammer’s dance moves. Less than a minute later, a crowd formed around me.

THAT was my first time “on stage”.

I didn't know it at the time, but over the years to come I would end up on stage as..
  • A show-choir kid - you know, one of those singy-dancey chorus dorks in high-school
  •  A hip-hop dancer - entertaining crowds at nightclubs for more than 13 years
  • A college mascot - I’ll tell you more about this in just a bit
  • A public speaker - teaching subjects like internet marketing & public speaking confidence
  • The World’s #1 Live-Event Emcee - hosting events across the US and internationally

I say all that to say that when I talk/teach about anything have to do with being “Awesome On  Stage”, I’m not teaching stuff I’ve learned in a book. I’m teaching stuff I’ve lived since I was 12 years old.


I HATE Cheese!

I don’t know why I decided to mention this, but hey… it is what it is. The fact that I think cheese is gross has nothing to do with why you’re on this website; I just thought I’d share it with you.

Bottom line: If I were a superhero, my arch-enemy would be “Cheese-Man”.


I Used To HATE My Voice (And My Body)

When I was in the 10th grade, I spoke up in geometry class to answer a question...

This older (and bigger) kid turned around stared straight at me and said:

“DUDE, SHUT UP! Your voice SUCKS and I hate hearing you talk! Why is your voice so annoying?!”

The math teacher said nothing.

As for me, I stopped speaking up as much - even when I knew the answer.

And while we’re taking this honest walk down memory lane...

For the longest time, I was so self-conscious about my weight (specifically about how skinny I was), I would shy away from the spotlight, even though secretly I wanted it. I was scared that the crowd would see my 'toothpick arms' and judge me or make fun of me.

Who would’ve thought that all these years later I’d be making a  living with my voice on stage, and teaching others about stage-confidence!

Picture of skinny Devon Brown

Super-Skinny Devon: 6'2" 137lbs


I Was One Of ESPN's Top 16 Mascots In The Country

Devon Brown The Mascot

Here’s another tidbit of information that has nothing to do with anything. But its’ fun nonetheless.

  • I attended Georgia Southern University between 1996 and 2000. I finished school when I was just 20 years old.
  • I started mascoting my sophomore year of college. By my senior year of college, I was the primary mascot for the university, as well as one of the top mascots in the country.
  • In case you can’t’ tell from the photo, the mascot is an eagle named Gus!


Originally From Miami - Grew Up In Atlanta

Atlanta, GA is home. Have you ever been?

Although Atlanta is home, I still represent Miami! So while I enjoy watching the Atlanta Hawks (basketball), and the Atlanta Braves (baseball), the one team I ABSOLUTELY LOVE is the Miami Dolphins!

I’m a die-hard Dolphins fan, and I make sure I head down to Miami at least once a year to watch a game with my friends!

Go Dolphins


It’s AWESOME When The Experts/Gurus You Follow, Become Your Peers

Not that I had “hero's” per-say…

But I absolutely spent most of my 20’s studying personal development icons like Tony Robbins, Brainy Tracy, & Les Brown (just to name a few)

Today, I’ve shared the stage countless times with the very people whose cassettes and CD’s I listened to when I was 25.

Today, I regularly get to share the stage with people like, ET The Hip-Hop Preacher, Rachel Hollis, Brendon Burchard, Marcus Lemonis (The Profit), Russell Brunson, and countless others.


I Once Told A Business/Marketing Crowd They Were Going to Learn How To “Accelerate Their Sex”

In 2018, I was on stage in front of about 3,000 entrepreneurs at a huge internet marketing conference called Funnel Hacking Live.

What I meant to say to the audience was…

“The information the speakers are going to share with you today are going to show you how to accelerate your SUCCESS.”

But what came out of my mouth was…

“The information the speakers are going to share with you today are going to show you how to accelerate your SEX.”

They laughed..

I laughed…

And it was right then I realized that audiences don’t need you to be perfect. They're 100% happy with you just being human.


I Have A 3rd Degree Black Belt In Tae-Kwon-Do 

(And I Used To Be An Instructor)

I can’t do any of my Tae-Kwon-Do moves anymore because I don’t practice, I lost all my flexibility, I’m old, and my joints hurt. HAHA!

But here’s an old picture of what I used to be able to do.


I Used To Be In A Hip-Hop Dance Crew 
(Actually... 2 Of Them)

The funny thing is that when I was younger, I was a HORRIBLE dancer. I remember in the first grade (in the early 80’s when break-dancing was really big), all the kids would be out in the school-yard showing off the dance-moves that their older siblings had taught them.

I tried to get in the middle and show off my dance moves, but I looked more like a fish flopping around on the ground.

Fast forward to the early 90’s when I saw my first MC Hammer video...

I'm not sure why, but for some reason, I was able to do all of the dance moves almost as well as Hammer himself! (I mentioned this earlier back on point #11)

In the late 90’s, when I got to college in south Georgia, a group of us formed a dance crew. The club owners on campus actually paid us to dance and entertain the crowd – a whopping $25/night! WOO HOO!

My Dance Crew In College (1996 – 2000)
My Dance Crew After College (2001 – 2007)
My Dance Crew After College (2001 – 2007)

My Dance Crew In College (1996 - 2000)

My Dance Crew After College (2001 - 2007)

The dancing continued when I fished college and I moved back to Atlanta. My friends and I would go out dancing almost every night and dance against other crews at nightclubs around the city.

Today, while I don’t go out 5 nights a week like I used to, I still find time on occasion to have some fun on the dance floor.

And get this! When I’m speaking at or emceeing business seminars, I actually teach the seminar attendees some of the dance moves I used to do back in my clubbing days.

I hope you get a chance to attend one of my seminars so that you can experience this in person for yourself.


My Most FAVORITEST Thing Is To Be On Stage, EDUTAINING! 

Yes, I know “most favoritest” isn’t good English. But it works, so we’re just gonna roll with it

Also – “edutaining” isn’t really a word either, but it’s the best way to describe what I enjoy doing.

  • When I educate, I get to give you the skills to become more successful.
  • When I entertain, I get to bring joy into your life and, hopefully, allow you to live joyously in the moment (if only for a little bit).
  • If I can do both at the same time (educate you in an entertaining way) – THAT'S THE BEST!


I Just Want To Help More People Become Awesome On Stage

As I mentioned in the first point (or should I say the 12th point), it took me until my 40’s to finally lean into my calling.

While at dinner with a friend of mine, I was explaining a business idea I had. I said, “For my new business, I’m thinking about teaching….”

My friend cut me off and said, “I hope you’re going to teach people how to do what you do when you’re in front of an audience. I’ve seen you dance and heard you speak, and if there’s any way to bottle that stage-awesome then count me in”

And with that, Awesome On Stage was born.

I know there are a lot of people out there who love the idea of being on stage but lack the confidence…

I know there are a lot of events/event planners who want their audiences to have an unforgettable experience..

I know there are aspiring emcees, hosts, and speakers who just want to make a living positively impacting crowds.

My Goal: To help all of them become more Awesome On Stage.

Well, That About Wraps It Up. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about my story. My hope is that you see a little bit of your story in mine (even if you've never danced in a hip-hop crew)

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