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If you want more energy, excitement, & engagement from your audience at your next event...  CONGRATULATIONS! You've just found your secret weapon. 

HURRY: Devon Is Booked Up To 14 Months In Advance!

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"When You Want Your Audience Excited & Engaged From Start to Finish"

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About Devon...

An Speaker Who Truly Understands Your Event's Goals!

FACT: The first speaker at your event has an outsized influence on your audience's engagement for the rest of the event. Yet more often than not, this critical opportunity to teach the audience to engage and play full out is wasted. 

What you need is an EVENT-FOCUSED opening keynote. As the World's #1 Emcee, Devon has kicked off more events than virtually any other speaker, and has mastered the art of "training" audiences to stay fully engaged throughout your entire event. 

While he's almost impossible to hire as an emcee, he's distilled THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of emceeing (generating audience engagement) into a customized kickoff keynote experience that will dramatically help accomplish your event’s objectives.

If you’re ready to kick off your conference with an unforgettable bang, this is the keynote you’re looking for.



Devon Brown with Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi
(9-Figure Entrepreneur)

Barbara Corcoran
(From TV’s Shark Tank)

Prince EA
(Social Media Sensation)

Tony Robbins
(#1 Motivator)

Devon Brown with Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard
(#1 High-Performance Coach)

Marcus Lemois
(TV’s “The Profit”)

ET - Eric Thomas
(The HipHop Preacher)

Brian Tracy
(OG of Personal Development)


Keynotes & Services

How Can Devon Level-Up Your Event:

Devon Brown speaking on stage at Growth Summit

The Ultimate Kickoff Keynote

The SMARTEST Way To Start The Day! Maximize Your Audience's Energy, Engagement, & Excitement About Your Event With A Custom-Crafted “Play Full Out” Keynote

Awesome On Stage Keynote

Help Your Attendees Become More Confident, Composed, Connected, & Captivating When Speaking On Any Stage Or In Front Of Any Audience! Your Crowd Will Love This Empowering Public Speaking Keynote

client testimonials

What Clients Have To Say About Devon:

“An Additional $1.07 Million With Devon…”

“At our previous events, we spent $300,000 hiring “big-name” speakers. We ended up doing about $1.7 Million in sales. But about a year ago, we tried something different. We ditched the big-name speakers and hired Devon to host. The increased audience engagement resulted in sales jumping from $1.7 million to $2.5 MILLION. Bottom line… we saved $270,000on speaker fees, and added an additional $800K in sales. With Devon, our event was $1.07 Million more profitable!”

-Bill Hauser & Andrew Stickel

  Law Firm Growth Acceleration Bootcamp

“He’s The Best In The World & Always Our First Choice…”

“The ASPIRE Tour is the world’s largest business tour. Our events bring names like Kevin Hart, David Goggins, Kendra Scott, Alex Rodriguez, The Sharks (from Shark Tank), Magic Johnson & Gary Vaynerchuk. When it comes to hosting an event of this size and caliber, Devon is always our first choice. He’s the best in the world at what he does.”

-Andrew Cordle


“Devon Has Kicked-Off Our Event For 10 Years”

“I can’t imagine anyone else kicking off our event. Funnel Hacking Live is like a cross between a marketing conference and a rock concert. Our crowd demands the highest energy and the most engagement. That’s why Devon has been the first one on stage with the mic in his hand every single year we’ve held it.”

-Russell Brunson

  Funnel Hacking Live

“He’s Who The Professionals Use”

“SAGE Events coordinates events for some of the biggest names in the world. People like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson, and even Matthew Mcconaughey have trusted us to plan and execute their multimillion dollar conferences. We get to work with tons of event hosts and kickoff keynotes, and when it came down to who we wanted for OUR OWN EVENT, we called Devon.”

-Bari Baumgardner

  SAGE Events

“2.5X More Engagement The Final Day of The Conference!”

“The year before we hired Devon, we had about 150 people at our dental marketing conference. Given the fact that our event is usually held somewhere tropical, people often want to leave the seminar early and hit the beach. By the end of the third day of the event, we only had about 43 people in the room. Fast forward to the year we hired Devon, and at the end of the third day, there were 106 people left in the room out of the same 150. That’s about 2.5X more engagement on the final day of the event! Devon is with every penny and we do our best to book him a year in advance!”

-Dr. Anisa Holmes

  Delivering WOW

- Andy Stickel

- Bill Houser

"When Your Attendees Win... You Win."

- Devon Brown

attendee testimonials

What Audiences Say About Devon:


Event Focused

(Not Self Promotional)

Some keynote speakers are all about increasing their own fame and notoriety, but Devon understands that THE EVENT COMES FIRST! That's why his primary mission is to get your crowd more excited about your event (as opposed to bragging about how well his book did).

#1 Go-To For Top Planners

(Not Just Another Speaker)

Top event planners love Devon because he understands your event-goals. He doesn't go over time, he shows love to everyone involved, and he is never a "diva". He knows how to "plant seeds" so that the audience is more likely to take the action you want them to take.

High Audience Interaction

(Not Boring Lectures)

If you're looking for someone to just stand behind a podium and speak, then Devon isn't your guy. But if what you're looking for is HIGH LEVELS OF AUDIENCE INTERACTION, Devon is the Keynote presenter you want to have!

Original Content

(Not Copy-Cat Content)

Have you ever heard a speaker tell a story or give an example that is an obvious rip-off from Tony Robbins (or some other famous speaker)? Devon doesn't play that game. He shares 100% original content from lived experiences.

See Devon In Action (Unedited)

See Why He's One Of The Best In The World!

Let's Get It Started

Kicking Off An Event

Audience Engagement

5,000 People Fully Engaged

Storytime With The Audience

Trust Your Inner Voice

Getting The Audience To Play Full Out

Setting The Event Up For Success

How To Book Devon To Kickoff Your Event

STEP 1: Check If Devon Is Available

Check to see if Devon is available for your event dates by calling or emailing his team. NOTE: Devon is booked up to 14 months in advance! So reach out to his event team today!

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Step 2: BOOK HIM

Book Devon To kick off your event and talk to him on the phone so that he can better understand your event's goals

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