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Have you ever seen one of those crazy product infomercials?.

You know, the one’s where the guy is like “Is peeling potatoes too hard? If so, just WONDER PEEL IT!” and then he whips out some magical Wonder-Peeler that peels, chops, slices AND dices, all in a matter of seconds?

Well what I’m about to share with you is kind of like that, only we’re not talking about potatoes

Instead we’re talking about how you can create the life you truly want to live. And instead of talking about a “wonder peeler,” we’re talking about 6 simple words that hold the key to helping you live life on your terms.

So, in my best infomercial voice…  

“Not living the life you want to live? If so, JUST THROW SOME SEXY ON IT!”

If you’re wondering what the hell I’ll I’m talking about when I say “Just Throw Some Sexy On It,” I’m glad you asked. 

Allow me to give you a little background…

Back in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, my friends and I averaged 5 nights a week going out to nightclubs. Doing a little quick math in my head, that’s somewhere in the neighborhood of over 2,500 nights out dancing in my late teens and twenties.

Why so many nights at nightclubs?

Because my friends and I were hip-hop dancers and night clubs were our domain. No drinking or doing drugs or any of that stuff…just dancing. Really!

In the early 2000s my hip-hop crew and I frequented clubs around Atlanta entertaining crowds and competing against other hip-hop crews.

On any given night there were only two objectives:

Objective #1: Get attention. Specifically, to have a giant circle of people watching us dance. The larger the circle of people watching and the more attentive they were, the more completely we’d accomplished our objective.

Objective #2: Parlay that attention into the phone number of a cute girl.

That was it. That was our M.O.

Example 1:

Whenever we were in a night club and a good song came on, we’d say something like “alright – time to throw some sexy on this crowd!”

Translation: Time to start dancing/entertaining the crowd and grab the attention of the entire dance floor.

Example 2:

Whenever we were out and we’d see a bachelorette party out having a good time, one of us would say something like “I’m about to go throw some sexy on that bachelorette party.”

Translation: I’m going to head over to that bachelorette party, grab the bachelorette, sit her on a chair and give her a lap-dance. I’m going to make her friends laugh, make the entire group of bachelorettes like me, and possibly even have some of them stick a few dollars in my pants.

In nightclubs, we were kings. And whenever we wanted something in our kingdom, the solution was simple… “Just Throw Some Sexy On It.”

And while I absolutely felt like royalty on the dance floor, in other areas of my life, I felt like more of a pauper than a prince.

For Example…

You might think that someone who goes out dancing 250 nights a year and is always the center of attention would do pretty well in his dating life.

If you did, you’d be woefully mistaken. Those 250 nights out at nightclubs translated to MAYBE 4 dates a year.

You might also think that someone who is comfortable being the center of a huge circle would be confident in who he is and how he looks.

Well, if you made that assumption, you’d be mistaken again. 

I wasn’t confident in how I looked at all. I was too skinny. I was so skinny  that I had to run around in the shower just to get wet. Don’t worry, it’s okay to laugh. I would too. 

So despite my exterior confidence, on the inside, my weight, or lack thereof, made me wildly insecure.

And you might think that someone who is confident in selling himself on the dance-floor would be as confident selling himself in business. 

Wrong again. I sucked at business and had no idea how to make money.

This double life, being Superman in the clubs and Clark Kent everywhere else, continued for years. 

Then, one day, when I was in my late twenties and getting deeper into the world of personal development, an idea struck me like a ton of bricks.

If I can “Throw Sexy” in the clubs…

Then why can It “Throw Sexy” outside of the clubs?

Read that again…

This ONE THOUGHT Changed Everything…

Like I mentioned earlier, whenever my friends and I wanted something in the club (like attention, a phone number, or some bachelorette party to give us a few dollars), we’d Just Throw Some Sexy On It.

So, why not bring the same attitude to other areas of my life?

I mean, if I wanted to transform my body or make more sales, obviously I couldn’t just start popping my booty on people, but the core idea could still apply.

When it came to the dancefloor, I had insight into (a deep, intuitive understanding of) how things worked. So, it just stood to reason that If I could discover insights in other areas of my life, I could apply them the same way.

From then on, whenever I discovered an idea or an insight that would help me more easily get something I wanted (a better physique, more dates, etc…), I called it a  “Sexy.”

Whenever I discovered an insight and applied it to my life, I never told myself that I was “applying an insight” onto a particular area of my life…

Instead, I told myself I was “throwing sexy” on that area of my life.

“Just Throw Some Sexy On It” became a slogan. A mantra, if you will.

Try it out, for yourself. One time, out-loud…

“Just Throw Some Sexy On It”

Feels good, right?

If there was an area of my life where I felt unhappy or wanted to improve, I’d tell myself to throw some sexy on it. 

  • When I wanted to transform my body, I Threw SEXY on my fitness goals and gained 30 lbs of muscle in three months.
  • When I wanted to improve my skills with the opposite sex, I Threw SEXY on my dating life and went from 4 dates a year to 4 dates a week
  • When I wanted to forgive my ex, I Threw SEXY on my past hurts and heartaches and turned anger into gratitude.
  • When I wanted to live the life I was put on this earth to live, I Threw SEXY on my life’s purpose and now get to be on stages around the world in front of thousands of people.

Devon Brown Live Your Message Event Emcee

The Goal Didn’t Matter…

The only thing that mattered was that I said my mantra: “Just Throw Some Sexy on It.” 

Those six little words would be my cue to find and apply the right insight to my situation. Those six words allowed me to change everything and create life on my terms

Now – I want this to be YOUR MANTRA!

So try it again. Say it out-loud, this time with some emphasis on the SEXY

“Just Throw Some SEXY On It”.

Hate your weight? Don’t’ worry Just Throw Some Sexy on It.

Still mad at your ex for cheating on you? Don’t worry, we’ll Just Throw Some Sexy on It.

Want to do what you were REALLY put here on this earth to do (like speak on stage in front of thousands of people)? Yup, you can Throw Some Sexy on that too.

Here’s The Bottom Line…

The truth is that everything you want out of life is attainable, you just have to know how to Throw Some Sexy On It.

As you hang out with me more on this blog, you’ll find tons of advice on things like entrepreneurship, personal growth, and being awesome on stage…

Regardless of the top if you can Throw Sexy On It.

The truth of the matter is this…

For anything we want in life there’s a solution. A simple idea or an insight that, when applied, makes you realize that you can, in fact, be, do, and have anything you want.

And oh yeah, one last thing…

If one of your goals is to be more confident, composed, connected, and captivating when you’re speaking in public, then I invite you to join my private ‘Awesome On Stage’ Facebook group.

In it,  you’ll find loads of ways to “Throw Sexy” all over your ability to speak in public and command the stage.


Devon Brown

P.S. Listen, the truth is, without a support network, it is impossible to step into you you can be. But too many of us are surrounded by people who don’t quite get us and try to make us fit into their mold or their vision of us.

One of the smartest things you can do to make your journey easier and more successful is to have that supportive environment. That is why I put together the Awesome On Stage Facebook group. I hope you enjoy it!

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