How to Sell MORE of Any Product with LESS Effort (One Secret Word)

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Wanna know the secret word that enabled me to pocket $60,000 in just 42 minutes?

With this one word, you can CHARGE MORE FOR (and SELL MORE OF) any product or service. And you can do it with LESS EFFORT.

And no, the one secret word isn't automation or advertising or outsourcing

The secret word doesn't cost you more money or more time or more labor; in fact, quite the opposite!

So, keep reading, because I'm going to be the worst secret-keeper in the world and tell you how I used this one word (that you can use, too) to make $60,000 in sales in less than 1 hour.

The One Secret Word

Don't worry, I'm not going to keep you in suspense this entire article. I'm going to tell you right now what the secret word is that fills in this blank:

The more _________ your offer is,

 the more easily you'll make $$$

Do you want to take a few guesses? Buy a vowel? Or do you just want me to solve the damn puzzle for you?

Alright, I'll just give you the answer. The answer is SPECIFIC.

The more SPECIFIC your offer is,

 the more easily you'll make $$$

Ok, but what do I mean by specific? How can being specific lead to more sales, more profits, and less effort? How can that specifically help your business?

Let me explain…

How to be SPECIFIC

When I say, "the more specific your offer is," I'm not talking about a detailed description of the product or service. I'm talking about making your offer target a more specific audience or solve a more specific problem. Or both...

Because that's what sales are all about: solving a problem your customer has.

The more specific the problem and the more specific the customer with that problem, the more easily you can sell your solution.

Being SPECIFIC refocuses your sales strategy from quantity to quality. That means it's not about selling to the masses. It's about selling to a specific customer with a specific problem that your specific offer can solve.

By being specific, you can talk directly to the person who would be most interested in your offer. And because you're speaking directly to that person, they will be much more likely to engage and buy from you.

For Example...

Let me give you a couple of examples.

Let's say you have a leaky roof, and you google 'roof repair near me.'

The first result on the list says, "We repair houses," and the second result says, "We fix leaky roofs." Which one are you going to click on?

Chances are you are going to click on the second result, even though it's farther down the list because you know they do exactly what you need.

The fact that their ad said "we fix  THE EXACT SPECIFIC THING that you need fixing" is what will make you more likely to respond to - and ultimately buy from - company #2.

Here's another example.

Let's say you're a fitness instructor and you want to promote your services to get more clients.

Busy gym with lots of people

At first, you may think that  since the gym you work out at has 1,200 members, it might be a good idea to blast out an email to them or post flyers all over the gym telling them about how you can help them lose weight.

Out of those 1,200, you're sure to get at least a dozen clients.... right?

Well... maybe.

But even if you end up with a dozen new clients, you're going to have to work harder to get them because any potential client is going to bombard you with questions to try to determine if you're the right fit for them. After all, the only thing each one of them cares about is THEIR particular situation.

Furthermore, because you're offering such a broad/generic service, your prices are going to be compared to every other trainer in the gym.

new moms exercising with babies nearby

If, however, you target a certain niche within those 1,200 members, you'll receive much more valuable leads right from the start. And you can charge more than the other generic fitness trainers!

If, for instance, you target the women you see dropping off their babies every day in the gym nursery, you can catch their attention and earn their business more easily.

Instead of advertising: "I can help you lose weight safely, easily, and quickly."

You can advertise: "I can help you lose post-pregnancy weight safely, easily, and quickly."

That one small, SPECIFIC detail would easily catch and retain the attention of the three-dozen or so new moms in your gym. And since the biggest question regarding their specific fitness goal, (How can I lose this post-pregnancy weight?) was already answered, they're MUCH more likely to sign up with you and even tell their friends.

So, as opposed to getting 12 new clients out of a potential 1,200, you may get 12 out of a potential 36 (that's a 33% closing rate as opposed to a 1% closing rate). And you'll be able to do it with 10X less effort and 10X less advertising.

And the icing on the cake; the women you sign up will likely be willing to spend MORE money with you because your service is exactly what they need.

The lesson: Specificity leads to much higher-quality leads & much easier sales!

How SPECIFICITY Boosted My Sales By $60,000 a Month!

Before becoming the world's best event emcee and online entrepreneur extraordinaire (and your very humble success coach), I owned a call center specializing in lead management. It was my company's job to generate, call, and close leads for people who didn't want to be on the phone closing sales themselves.

But here's the kicker...

As opposed to trying to offer my sales-calling/closing services to every Tom, Dick, and Harry under the sun, I chose to offer my services to a VERY SPECIFIC type of person.

I hosted a webinar (basically a live online video/power-point presentation) to people who might want my services. But I only invited people who were in a VERY specific niche inside of a VERY specific industry.

So, instead of having 4,000 or 5,000 people show up, I only had about 1,000 in attendance. But because my offer was SO SPECIFIC, the people who showed up were the hottest of the hot as far as their interest.

The industry average of people who will purchase at the end of a webinar is about 10%. But  I had in the neighborhood of 65% of the people on the webinar sign up for my company's service after my brief 42 minute presentation!

That kind of closing rate is practically unheard of!

Why did I get such a high percentage? Because I created a service that offered a very specific solution, to a very specific problem. Then, I customized my presentation to the exact person who had that specific problem.

Just like that, I made $60,000 in sales in 42 minutes. Oh, and did I mention the product was an ongoing monthly service? So, not only did I make $60,000 in sales that day, but it rolled over to $60,000 in sales the next month and the next.

That is the power of the secret word. That is the power of being SPECIFIC. You can harness that power, too.

Speaking of SPECIFICITY....

If there is one thing I'd like to help you SPECIFICALLY get better at, it's your ability to crush it when you stand up to speak in public.

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