How To Introduce A Speaker Like A Pro: The 1+3 Formula That Wins Audiences Every Time

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Newsflash: Only rookies introduce their speaker by listing achievements.

That might sound controversial, but if you have ever stumbled through a dry, bulleted list of someone’s credentials to an audience checking their phones, then you know the cringe I am talking about.

When you introduce a speaker with a catalog of accolades, you not only risk putting your audience to sleep, but you also set up an invisible barrier that can disconnect them from the speaker before they’ve even started.

That’s why I suggest using my revolutionary 1+3 Formula instead.

This simple formula not only gives you a proven framework that allows you to craft a memorable introduction in just a few minutes but also:

  • Captures your audience's attention without resorting to jargon
  • Engages them quickly, even if you're unfamiliar with the topic
  • Prevents you from losing your audience's interest from the get-go
  • And above all, gives you unstoppable confidence for every intro

In just a moment, I’ll tell you exactly how you can use the formula to introduce any speaker at your next event, but first… let me share the story behind how the 1+3 Formula was born – because I think you’ll relate to this!

The 2019 Dentistry Event That Changed Everything

In 2019 I was the event emcee at a high-stakes conference for Dentists—a world I knew nothing about. My job was to introduce speakers, all leading figures with backgrounds that could make any resume seem underwhelming. 

But there was a catch—I received their bios, a dense thicket of dental jargon and accolades, just one night before the event.

There I was, staring at 500+ word bios that were more like exhaustive autobiographies written to impress a board of medical examiners rather than to engage an audience eagerly waiting for practical insights. 

I realized right then that my usual prep wouldn’t cut it. If I went on stage with those bios, I'd lose the audience before the speakers even had a chance to say "dentures." I needed a fix, and fast.

Fast forward to the next day, and mere minutes before the first speaker was set to take the stage, I pulled them aside. In a flurry of rapid, back-and-forth banter, a lightbulb moment happened. Through necessity and a bit of panic-induced creativity, I carved out what I now call the 1+3 Formula.

It was an instant hit with the audience and speakers alike!

And since that day, I’ve used it at every event I host.

The 1+3 Formula For Introducing Speakers Like A Pro 

What makes the 1+3 Formula such a game-changer? 

Well, it flips the script on introductions by focusing first on the value for the audience, then supporting it with just enough about the speaker to build credibility—no more, no less.

Here's how it breaks down:

1 - The ONE Big Thing: This is the juicy hook, the promise that captures attention. It's what the audience stands to gain, learn, or understand by the end of the talk. It's the answer to their silent question, "What's in it for me? "

3 - The Three Qualifications: Here, you cherry-pick three qualifications that directly reinforce why the speaker is the best person to deliver on that promise. It's not about listing random facts; it's about connecting the dots between the speaker's unique experience and the audience's expectations.

And it hits the mark every time, no matter the event, because it’s:

  • Audience-Centric: It focuses on the audience's needs, not the speaker's resume.
  • Value Proposition Based: It articulates a single, compelling takeaway.
  • Powerful Without Clutter: It establishes authority without overloading with information.

Let’s go back to my 2019 dentistry event for a moment.

See if you can spot the transformation as I take you from the typical snooze-fest of an introduction to an anticipation-building 1+3 Formula intro. 

Notice how the focus shifts from the speaker’s past… 

To what they will deliver in the next few moments.

Sample Introductions Using the 1+3 Formula 

Scenario:  Dr. John Smith is going to be giving a lecture on how pain-free dentistry increased patient satisfaction by 456% 

Introduction BEFORE Using the 1+3 Formula:

Please welcome Dr. John Smith. Dr. Smith graduated from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, completed his residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, has 15 years of experience in dental surgery, and has published extensively in various dental journals, including the Journal of Prosthodontics and the International Journal of Oral Science. He’s been awarded merits of excellence multiple times and has an extremely high patient satisfaction rate. He’s married to his lovely wife Carmen, and they have two boys, Michael and Braxton. He originally got into dentistry because he loved the idea of making people love their smiles. To date, he’s helped over 1,500 people do just that in a unique pain-free way.

Introduction AFTER Using the 1+3 Formula:

How many of you understand that patient satisfaction is one of the key components to the success of your dental practice?  I mean… I don’t have to tell you that the higher your patient satisfaction, the more repeat business you have and the higher overall ranking of your practice… Right? Well, how many of you would like to increase your patient satisfaction by not 100..  Not 200… but by 456%?!?  Great, well since you all raised your hands, I know you’re going to love our next speaker! 

- He’s a graduate of John Hopkins and one of the world’s foremost experts in what’s known as pain free dentistry.

- By using a particular method of pain-free dentistry that he pioneered, he increased patient satisfaction from by 456% in just 9 short months

- As a matter of fact, the groundbreaking technique he’s going to share with you today was even recognized by the National Dental Association. Are you ready to learn how it works?

Welcome to the stage…..

Do you see how that works?

We’ve taken a standard, yawn-inducing list of credentials and transformed it into a compelling promise of value. It's quick, easy, and it hooks your audience’s attention from the very first sentence.

Better yet, you can apply the formula to introduce any type of speaker!

Getting Better At Introducing Speakers Just Got Easier

Introducing a Social Media Traffic Expert

Scenario: Alex Martinez, a Social Media Traffic Expert, is about to give a presentation on how to quadruple online engagement without additional ad spend.

Introduction BEFORE Using the 1+3 Formula:

Please welcome Alex Martinez. Alex has over ten years of experience in social media marketing, specializing in driving traffic and engagement. He has worked with several high-profile companies, significantly boosting their online presence. He holds a Master’s degree in Marketing from Stanford and has been featured in marketing publications for his innovative strategies. Alex enjoys mountain biking and lives in San Francisco with his spouse and their Labrador, Max. His passion for connecting people through social media has been the driving force behind his successful career.

Introduction AFTER Using the 1+3 Formula:

Ever wondered how to get your brand to explode online without pouring more money into ads? If you’re nodding, you’re in for a treat. Get ready to meet someone who’s mastered the art of making social media algorithms work for you:

- Alex Martinez is not just a social media wizard; he's a revolutionary thinker in digital engagement, with over a decade of experience under his belt.

- He developed a unique engagement strategy that skyrocketed online interactions by 400%, without relying on additional ad spend.

- His groundbreaking methods are so effective, they’ve been featured in top marketing magazines and adopted by major global brands.

Get set to learn the secrets that will transform your online presence from Alex Martinez himself. Let's give him a thunderous welcome!

Introducing a Best Selling Author

Scenario: Maya Gupta, a Bestselling Author, is going to speak about the three key steps to writing a New York Times Bestseller.

Introduction BEFORE Using the 1+3 Formula:

Please welcome Maya Gupta. Maya is a renowned author whose books have consistently topped the New York Times Bestseller list. She holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Oxford University and has over twenty years of experience in the publishing industry. Her work has been translated into fifteen languages, and she’s won numerous awards for her insightful, compelling narratives. Maya is a mother of two and a passionate advocate for literacy. Her journey to becoming a bestselling author started from her small study in Vermont, where she still writes most of her books.

Introduction AFTER Using the 1+3 Formula:

How many of you have dreamed of writing a book that not only sells but becomes a cultural phenomenon? If you have that dream, you’re in the right place. Brace yourselves to meet Maya Gupta, a storytelling maestro:

-Maya isn’t just an author; she’s a bestseller factory. Her books don’t just sell; they become benchmarks in literature.

-With a unique approach to storytelling, she’s cracked the code on what makes a book a New York Times Bestseller, not once, but multiple times.

-Maya's going to reveal the three critical steps that transformed her from a writer to a literary icon, steps that have inspired and guided countless budding authors.

Prepare to be inspired and get ready to take notes. Let’s give a huge round of applause to Maya Gupta!

You’re transforming every introduction into a launchpad for success. 

The 1+3 Formula doesn’t just introduce a speaker—it ignites a connection, sets the tone, and gets the audience engaged and excited. 

You're not just kicking off an event; you're elevating it from the first word!

Don’t Just Settle For Another Lackluster Introduction

You've seen what happens with the traditional snooze-worthy spiel of achievements and facts: glazed eyes, stifled yawns, and an audience more engaged with their smartphones than the stage. 

The cost? 

A lackluster introduction, a disconnected audience, a speaker who's uphill battling for attention, and the lost potential of what could have been a great event.

But there's no need to fall into that trap.

Not when you have the 1+3 Formula at your fingertips.

The 1+3 Formula (Recap):

  • One Big Promise: Captivate with the value your speaker will bring to the audience.
  • Three Reinforcing Credentials: Handpick qualifications that underscore the speaker's unique position to fulfill that promise.

When you use the 1+3 Formula, you’ll notice your audience tunes in from your first word, your speaker gets the grand entrance they deserve, and you become the pro emcee that everyone remembers and wants to hire!

Ready To Set Yourself Apart In

The Speaking Industry?

The 1+3 Formula for introducing a speaker like a pro is just one strategy I’ve used to become the #1 event emcee on the planet and work on stage with people like Tony Robbins, Russel Brunson, Gary Vee, and dozens of others.


If you’re ready to take your speaking skills to the next level so you can stop blending in and start standing out, then hit the link below to get access to the foolproof system that will help you become the public speaker or the event host that the audience can’t get enough of!

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