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Here's the problem...

That little voice inside you won't shut-up because it's tired of you playing small and living life at a fraction of what you're capable of. It's tired of you settling for "good enough" when you know you're capable of GREAT.

Sure, you want more from life. And you know, deep down you have the ability to have MIND-BLOWING success (or, create HUGE impact). But your "good enough" keeps you safe and comfortable. Or maybe, deep down, what's really in your heart scares you.

If this is you, and you're ready to "Throw Some Sexy" on the areas of your life where you want the most success...

Grab my Free 7 Day Challenge called, "THE FOUNDATION", and get 7 training videos with detailed implementation strategies that will help you create the life of your dreams on your terms.

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THE FOUNDATION is a guided 7-day video training that gives you a clear process with daily lessons and action plans, so you can implement and start creating life on your terms today!

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Gain access to Devon's private Facebook Group for people just like you, who are ready to step into their greatness! Tap into the power of a like-minded community as you build and grow!

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You will immediately receive email instructions on how to access your Just Throw Some Sexy On It Online Training Course and action steps so you can get started right now!

Step-By-Step Instruction

Just Throw Some Sexy On It is a guided 7-day course that gives you a clear process with daily video lessons, and action plans so you can implement and start creating life on your terms today!

Supportive  Communtity

Gain access to Devon's private Facebook Group just for life creators like yourself! Tap into the power and knowledge of a like-minded community as you build and grow!

"THE FOUNDATION" Reveals The Most Powerful Strategies And Tactics You 
To Reach ANY Goal!

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A Special Message From

Devon Brown:

Look. I don't know how you stumbled across this page. But what I do know is that it was no accident.

If you're here, it's because a part of you wants more. Maybe, you want to learn how to bring that idea that's been on your heart to life... maybe you want to level-up in your dating/relationships... or maybe you want to transform your body or finally start that business that your gut has been telling you to start.

If any of that rings true for you, then you're in the right place. Using the principles in "The Foundation" I was able to go from a too skinny, broke, wanna-be entrepreneur...  To 7-figure business owner who travels the world while sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in business and personal growth. And oh yeah, did I mention that I was able to completely transform my body in just three short months?

Over the years, I've taught and coached 1,000's of people both in person and online. Now, I've taken all of the most powerful principles I've learned, and turned them into short, fun, entertaining lessons that you can use right away to start creating life on your terms. And I can't wait to give you give you access to all of it... FOR FREE!

 - Devon

FREE 7-Day Online Training Course

7 Video Training Lessons & Daily Action Steps to Help You Create Life On Your Terms.

  • Discover My Secret Strategy That Allows You Win The More You Fail! I Know, It Sounds Crazy, But You're Gonna Love It!
  • Unlock Your One TRUE DREAM & With It, Powerful New Possibilities For Your Life.
  • Use This 1 Magic Word  To actually get your dreams to show up Even BETTER than you wanted.
  • Uncover The 3 Letter Shortcut That Will Save You Years of Wasted Effort and time.
  • Discover the Power of PEA's My #1 Strategy For Actually Achieving Your Goals
  • And Access the Momentum Maximizer - How to Succeed Faster & With Less Effort

Don't Take The Long Way Around, Let Devon Make it Easier and Faster To Get What You Want

Here is what you will learn each day:

dAY #1


Our fears & our limiting beliefs "lock up" what is possible for us. But on day one, I will share with you a story and a question that will unlock what's possible for you, and give you a solid understanding of why you're playing small and what do to stop.

dAY #2


Want to achieve your goals and dreams? Want what comes to you to be better than what you've imagined? If so, then on Day #2 I'm going share with you THE ONE THING YOU MUST BE to make all of that happen... and more!

dAY #3


Let's face it, no one wants to take the longer path toward your goals and dreams. That's why I'm going to share you you my 3-Letter Shortcut to getting what you want faster and easier... ESPECIALLY if you have no clue how to even start.

dAY #4


This is one of my favorites. By simply understanding how this one idea works, I was able to accomplish goals that I'd struggled with for years. Once you understand this simple mindset shift, you'll be able to "hack" any goal you want!

dAY #5


This is my #1 strategy that practically FORCES you to stay on the path toward your goal. This is brand new, and you've probably never heard of it before. But once you understand my "emotion secret", it'll be easier to succeed than to fail!

dAY #6


This one thing may be the biggest decider of whether or not you reach your Truest Dream. If you don’t have this right, you will always be working uphill, against yourself. But get this right, and you'll accelerate your success with no additional effort.

dAY #7


Once you've laid "The Foundation", it's time to make sure you know the EXACT next steps to take to create the life you want. Day #7 will walk you through exactly how to do it!

Real People. Real Results.

What others are saying...

"His Content Is Fun & It Just Makes Sense"

Devon has an uncanny ability to take even the most complex subject matter, and present it in a way that ANYONE can understand.

~ Monique Johnson
Internet Live-stream Expert

"7 Lessons That Hit The Nail On The Head"

Each lesson in "The Foundation" hits the nail on the head. The stories are not only entertaining, but really drive home the lesson.

~ Nathan Kettler
Advocate of Awesome

"Press Record When He Starts Talking."

Time after time I’ve watched Devon give advice that is simply genius. If you’re asking his advice be sure to press “record” on your phone!

~ Tommy Powers
Internet Traffic Expert

"He Takes The Complex & Makes It Simple!"

Devon has an uncanny ability to take the most complex subject matter, and present it in a way that ANYONE can understand.

~ Antonio Thorton
Internet Strategist

" Devon Should Charge For This Training"

I've purchased my fair share of personal growth courses. Devon delivers more in his free training than most do in $500 courses.

~ Stephanie Bernard
Facebook Advertising Expert

"Simply Put... There Is
No-One Better."

I’ve known Devon for over a decade. When it comes to creating life on your terms and personal development there’s no-one better!

~ Jason Oman
#1 Best Selling Author

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