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Tired of Bad Dates? – 11 First Date Mistakes You May Be Making

Increase your chances of a second date by avoiding these common first date mistakes...We’ve all had bad dates.But if you notice you’re having

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How To Flirt With A Guy – [3 Simple Flirting Tips For Women]

Flirting with men is a lot more simple than most women realize. For most guys, it's more about THAT you flirt, than HOW you flirt. That being said, here are 3 simple ways to flirt with a guy every woman

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How To Reject A Guy Nicely Without Hurting Him – [4 Quick Tips From a Man’s Perspective]

Ladies, next time you’re out in public (at a bar, club, grocery store, wherever), and you find yourself needing to reject a guy nicely (without hurting him), remember what I’m

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