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How To Attract A Guy WITHOUT Playing Games – [The Art Of The Intrigued Challenge]

"Don’t text him back."“Are you sure?”“If you want him to like you, you’ve got to play hard to get… you know, make him chase you!”"WRONG!!!"I was driving home from a night out with two of

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7 Reasons Why Guys Don’t Approach You – [And How To Fix Them]

Ever Wonder Why Guys Don't Approach?“$10!”“What?”“I’ll bet you $10 that the guy over there in the blue shirt thinks you’re cute.”“What?!? No he doesn’t”“Trust me, Linda. I’m

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How To Communicate Your Standards To A Man – [7 Tips To Make Him Value You More]

It was like she'd performed some kind of voodoo-ninja spell on me...When she communicated her standards to me the way she did, it was like a switch inside of me was flipped, and in a instant my only

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Tired of Bad Dates? – 12 First Date Mistakes You May Be Making

“Dammit” I thought to myself… “Oh well, there go my chances of a second date.”As I sat there across from her I knew I’d screwed up. The look on her face spoke volumes.

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How To Flirt With A Guy – [3 Simple Flirting Tips For Women]

"Pull my finger." "Huh?" I asked quizzically.She held her pointer finger out on her left hand and repeated her statement: “Pull my finger.”“You’ve gotta be kidding me...”

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How To Reject A Guy Nicely Without Hurting Him – [4 Quick Tips From a Man’s Perspective]

"OK bro, you got this! Just go up to her, pay her the very specific compliment we discussed, and then ask a question that yields more than just a yes or no answer. And don’t even

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