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Use This 93 Year-Old “Persuasion Dating Formula” To Get 4X As Many Dates

I have a confession to make.The 93 year old “persuasion dating formula” that I’m about to share with you, isn’t really a “dating formula” per se. Don't

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The 9 Best Questions To Ask A Woman On A First Date – [And Why]

Fun fact…‘The 9 best questions to ask a woman on a first date’ are the LEAST important part of this article.What???Lets’ stop here for a second. I know what you’re thinking…You’re thinking, “But

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How I Hacked Online Dating For $22 & An AMC Movie Gift Card – [Step-By-Step Guide For Men]

​It was CRAZY!I had more responses from women I was attracted to than I’d ever had before.I would literally log into to one of my dating site accounts, and have a dozen (or more)

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How To Overcome Approach Anxiety In 5 Simple Steps

Not gonna lie... Even now (years later), it still bothers me.There I was… Senior year of college, and the girl I had the BIGGEST crush on was right in front of me. To this

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Tired of Bad Dates? – 12 First Date Mistakes You May Be Making

“Dammit” I thought to myself… “Oh well, there go my chances of a second date.”As I sat there across from her I knew I’d screwed up. The look on her face spoke volumes.

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How To Create The Best Men’s Online Dating Profile – [6 Simple Steps]

Free. Lap. Dances.Congratulations! You've just discovered the 3 little words that allowed me to have one of the best online men's dating profiles on the entire internet. With those three little words

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