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Could You Have Done Differently?

Yes. The answer is always yes. For better of worse, you could always have done differently. But that's not what matters, is it? What matters is can you DO differently? Can you transform regret into

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3 Golden Nuggets to Achieving Any Goal

No, I'm not talking about McDonald's golden chicken nuggets. Although those are pretty tasty in my opinion, I have 3 golden nuggets of wisdom that'll help you taste something much better... sweet success! The

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The Goal is NEVER the Goal

Do you remember that Matrix scene where the young monk says, “Do not try and bend the spoon; that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth… there is no spoon”?Neo was confused by

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Owning THE Suck vs. Owning YOUR Suck

There are a LOT of great things about being an entrepreneur...Building something from nothing. Pushing toward your own goals. Controlling the direction of your life. But let's be real. There's a

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That One Time, I Got Kidnapped

Did I ever tell you about that one time I got kidnapped?Normally, on this blog, I write about advice and tips to help you “Throw Sexy” on your life. In other words, I give you

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The #1 Secret To Achieving Your Goals

To say I hated my weight would be a HUGE understatementI was 21 years old, 6’2” (1.88 meters), and a whopping 137lbs (about 62kg) soaking wet.And you wouldn't have caught me dead in a pair of shorts.Did

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